Powering A Hyper Connected World

Connecting and securing the next generation of smart IoT products with blockchain technology for a more trusted, secure and scaleable internet of things.

On January 3, 2020, the Trusted IoT Alliance joined forces with
the Industrial Internet Consortium.
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Our Mission

To leverage blockchain infrastructure to secure and scale IoT ecosystems. IoT systems operating in heterogeneous and decentralized environments, and consisting of multiple administrative domains represent a challenge from the point of view of trust.

We seek to enable trust in the data produced by such IoT systems in a distributed ledger/blockchain agnostic fashion, thereby enabling a decentralized trust model for interoperable digitized identities of physical goods, documents, immobilized assets, sensors, and machines.  Finally, we wish to see this happen with the resiliency that can scale to support billions of connected devices.

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Guiding Principles

Politically inclusive & neutral

F2F collaboration & events

Facilitated access to ecosystem

Our Roadmap

How It All Started

The Blockchain & IoT Protocol working group arose out of conversations amongst passionate technologists working on different aspects of the IoT and Blockchain problem, and all recognizing that we share common needs in terms of "smart contract" interface between IoT devices and blockchain systems across the industry.

At the inaugural meeting of the group in Berkeley, CA in 2016, we agreed that by collaborating and working together we could reach our end goals faster and set a stronger foundation for the industry thru cooperation in a few basic areas.

Our Team

Oversight board

Executive board


Dirk Slama


Anoop Nannra


Joe Pindar


David Aho (Chronicled)


Executive Director

Zaki Manian

Program Manager

Tiffany Boykin

Chief Community Officer

Alexy Khrabrov


Evan Birkhead