Trusted IoT Challenges

The Trusted IoT Challenges bring together forward-thinking enterprise customers with innovators. In the Challenges, design and implementation organizations compete globally on challenges with real-world customer requirements. Each Challenge will run for a period of several months.

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The Challenges

Smart E-Mobility

first challenge!

Enables seamless mobility services for Electric Vehicles (EVs), such as charging, roaming and convenience services. Connects smart grids, smart homes, and EVs for transparent energy billing.

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Smart Logistics

Uses identity mechanisms to set up information sharing between participants in logistics value chains on a need-to-know basis. Addresses the N*M integration problem.

Smart Buildings

Optimizes building performance for security, automation and efficiency. Uses immutable event log with granular access for sharing and analyzing security events with stakeholders. Applicable to factories, airports, shopping malls, etc.

Smart Construction

Combines innovating IoT Solutions for Smart Construction with trust technologies. Includes wearable, tracking devices and smart construction equipment

The deadline to submit designs for the Smart E-Mobility Challenge is January 21, 2019.

In this challenge, Bosch is contributing a Jaguar I-PACE all-electric vehicle that will tour Europe for three months. The winner of the Smart E-Mobility Challenge will build a solution that enables the car with seamless EV mobility services, including charging, roaming and convenience services.

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TIoTA is also co-hosting the MOBI Grand Challenge.

 The submission deadline is January 10, 2019.


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