Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Last updated on July 23rd, 2019

Intellectual Property Rights

This Section  Intellectual Property Rights of the Policies and Procedures of TIOTA (the “TIOTA IPR Policy”) is the governing document for all intellectual property rights (“IPR”) policies of the Trusted IoT Alliance.

IPR Principles


Any information disclosed or submitted in connection with any Working Group or TIOTA activity is not confidential, except as expressly agreed to under a fully-executed (i.e., signed) agreement.

If  a Member or other participant in TIOTA activities desires to keep certain information confidential, it must not disclose it orally, or in any written, electronic (such as email) or other Contribution or submission, unless it is expressly subject to a fully-executed written agreement that obligates the recipients to treat it as confidential.


Each Member represents that its Representatives who make a Contribution to TIOTA (each, a “Contributor”) has the Member’s authority and permission (and the permission of any other known copyright holders) to make each Contribution under the terms of this IPR Policy. No Contributions may be made to TIOTA that fail to satisfy this condition

Erroneous Statements.

Members will promptly notify TIOTA if they become aware of any misrepresentations or errors with respect to their Contributions made by their Representatives or in their name. No person making proper use of such a Contribution in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of TIOTA shall be liable to any Member for infringement or improper disclosure as a result of such use.

Copyright License and Ownership.

Each Member and Contributor agrees to grant, and hereby grants, TIOTA a nonexclusive, irrevocable, sub licensable, royalty-free, paid up, worldwide license, under its copyright in the Contribution, to use, copy and modify the Contribution, to make derivative works from it, and to publicly display, publicly perform and distribute the Contribution and any such modifications and derivative works, in each case with or without attribution to TIOTA, Member or Contributor. Subject to the Member’s or other person’s ownership of copyright in a Contribution, TIOTA shall own all copyright rights in any compilation or derivative work created by TIOTA from Contributions in accordance with the copyright license expressly granted under this and the terms of the IPR Policy.

No valid patent or copyright will be deemed waived or licensed by any disclosure through a Contribution, except for the copyright license expressly granted under this section.

Conditions of Contribution.

If TIOTA becomes aware that a Contribution contains material for which the necessary copyright licenses have not been granted, it will promptly notify all Members (and others to whom it distributed copies), cease distributing the Contribution and make no further use of the unlicensed material. TIOTA has no duty to publish or otherwise use or distribute any Contribution.

Release of Material.

TIOTA will not release a Contribution or any derivative outside TIOTA Membership without an explicit vote to release by TIOTA Executive Board or via an explicit vote to release certain types of Contributions to organizations with which TIOTA has a liaison.


All Members of TIOTA grant TIOTA  the right to use the name of the Member’s organization on TIOTA  websites and on related marketing materials, solely to indicate the Member’s participation in TIOTA.


Except as specifically agreed under a separate agreement providing the terms and conditions governing the development and use of a testbed, no patent license or rights are granted (whether by implication, estoppel, or otherwise) by any Member(s) to any other Member(s) or third parties.

No Technical Development.

TIOTA does not adopt technical specifications or specify technologies to be used, but may from time to time recommend that particular standard-setting or specification- development projects be undertaken under the management and rules of standards setting organizations.