Smart Construction Challenge

The Round 1 winners of the Smart Construction Challenge were announced at Bosch Connected World on May 15, with a Joint Award presentation for four entries. These winners received special recognition from the judges for their joint Construction Warranty use case.

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authored by IoT research firm Mach Nation.

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TIOTA Smart Construction Winners
special recognition


special recognition


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special recognition




The Smart Construction Challenge competition is offered by:

The Trusted IoT Alliance, the open software consortium created in 2018 to support the creation of a secure, scalable, interoperable, and trusted IoT ecosystem. The core concept behind TIoTA is to leverage software advances in cryptography, distributed ledger technology, secure enclaves and other state-of-the-art-approaches to ensure fast and secure trust-building at an unprecedented scale and speed. TIoTA’s members span hardware, communications, payment, logistics, and numerous other tech sectors.

MachNation, a global independent IoT research and benchmarking firm is co-producing. TIoTA’s members are engaged with linking IoT devices and the companies operating them, and to consumers, service, communication and payment providers.

The Industrial Internet Consortium, which was founded to accelerate the development of Industrial IoT and commercialize tested solutions, is a Trusted IoT Challenge Supporter.

In the Smart Construction Challenge, design and implementation organizations compete globally on challenges with real-world customer requirements. The focus of the Challenge is to advance real-world validation of Smart Construction applications and solutions in the Industrial Internet, and to bring together cloud, edge, fog and IoT technologies.

Download the Round 1 summary white paper
authored by IoT research firm Mach Nation.

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About the Competition

The main goal of this initiative is to jointly develop solutions which provide real value-add to the construction industry, based on direct user feedback and field trials. The Trusted IoT Alliance and its partners is aiming to build an ecosystem which will jointly bring the new solutions to the market.

The competition will be looking at the complete property lifecycle, from the initial planning to construction to operations by a Facility Management Company (FMC). A key assumption is that the construction site will evolve over time, from empty site to a final, completed building. The Challenge will be articulated in different Use Cases, targeting Construction Assurance, Track and Trace for Onsite Logistics and Smart Worker Equipment.

The winning entries will provide the most innovative solution that enables companies to efficiently manage the flow of materials and equipment in construction, damage prevention as well as benefit construction workers while enhancing safety and quality of work environment. We believe these aspects to be essential for any lean construction project.

The Challenge will be working under the assumption that BIM (Building Information Modeling) is used as the foundation for planning, construction and operations, providing a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Challenge is not focused on who wins, but on who participates. Our goal is to help you create solutions that you can successfully bring to market. To get the most mileage out of the Challenge, we encourage you to promote and publicize your Challenge Journey.

Entry Requirements

For Round 2, competitors are required to design and prototype their software/hardware systems on the Use Case-specific technologies. Each entrant will develop an overall reference architecture for their specific solutions.

We strongly encourage all entrants to plan a media promotion that tracked all of their activities for the duration of the Challenge. We encouraged them to prepare a short presentation that describes your solution, and to have a short demo ready in time for the events at Bosch Connected World in February 2020.

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Key Dates and Milestones

Evaluation Criteria

The judging criteria for the Smart Construction Challenge are as follows:

The judges will also be evaluating the following:

Technical Logistics and Requirements

As BIM (Building Information Modeling) is assumed to be the foundation for planning, construction and operations, a key goal of the Challenge is to examine in how far Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) would be suitable to support a de-centralized approach to managing BIM data. This leads to explore de-centralized data marketplace or similar mechanism, which enables the selective availability of BIM data, as well as writing events back to the BIM model. This mechanism will have to ensure that different visibility levels for the BIM data can be ensured.

Building on such an innovative data management infrastructure, each team shall select one of three use cases: Construction Assurance, Track and Trace for Onsite Logistics and Smart Worker Equipment.

Since the Challenge operates under incomplete information, which is inevitable when opening new frontiers and creating a new marketplace, the Challenge will reward those who are able to work on defining and clarifying the space itself and building the tools for themselves and for others.

Therefore, it will be a requirement for entrants to join the Challenge Working Group, participate in a regular conference call, and work with partners and competitors to define the Use Case’s technological features.

More details are provided on conference calls and during the hackathons, and other channels that will be agreed upon on the calls.


For Round 1, four winners were presented a joint award at Bosch Connected World.
Future winners will be invited to a real pilot project at a construction site provided by one of the sponsors. 25,000 Euros award money will be awarded to each winning team to fund the pilot project.

The winning entries are written up in a public report by MachNation that is publicized by MachNation, TIoTA and the Industrial Internet Consortium.

Download the Round 1 summary white paper
authored by IoT research firm Mach Nation.

Judicial Committee

The judges for the competition represent Bosch, Liebherr, TÜV and Züblin. They will be supported by representatives from the Industrial Internet Consortium, MachNation, and the Trusted IoT Alliance.

Application Details

Anyone can submit a proposal, including systems integrators and startups, and TIoTA and IIC members. For complete background information and technical detail on the Smart Construction Challenge guidelines, competition set up and use cases, please review the following document before submitting your entry.

Optional Entry Elements

View Smart Construction Challenge (PDF)

Challenge Application

Option A: Apply with a Powerpoint presentation

Fill out this Powerpoint presentation template and email it to us at

Option B: Fill out this form

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